Hi, welcome to NARPP. We are on a mission to help people redefine their financial futures so that everyone can retire with dignity.

While our site is under construction, our team of academics, behavioral finance experts, economists, technologists, engineers and designers are working non-stop to build the first web-based, multi-media platform that will educate, engage, and empower everyone to save sooner, faster, and smarter.

Who We Are

We are NARPP, The National Association of Retirement Plan Participants, a web-based nonprofit organization committed to helping people retire with dignity.

NARPP is the first transparent and unbiased organization, accountable to everyday people, and dedicated to building game-changing financial literacy tools.

As an independent voice in the industry, we are reimagining the retirement landscape.

To do this we have brought together a collective of:

Behavioral Finance Experts
Leading Economists
Financial Analysts
Engineers and

who are united in a single cause—to help Americans redefine their financial futures.

What We Do

With support from stakeholders, we are building an online multi-media platform that will educate, engage and empower everyone to save sooner, faster and smarter through their entire retirement journey.

What Google did for online search—streamlined, organized, made accessible the world’s information—NARPP will do for retirement planning and education.

What Apple did for consumer electronics—redefined devices and platforms to be highly functional, beautifully designed, and easy-to-use—NARPP will do for retirement planning and education.

What Facebook and Twitter did for the ways we communicate and connect—reimagined and extended our social networks, enriched and amplified our voices—NARPP will do for 401k plan participants and everyday Americans.

NARPP’s multi-media platform will simplify and transform incredibly complicated financial information so people can make smarter choices with their life savings.

With methods and tools that are rigorously researched and tested, we are able to scientifically quantify what works and what doesn’t in order to optimize outcomes, and empower participants to feel secure about their financial futures.

Why It Matters

There is a huge disconnect between financial institutions and the American public who relies on these institutions for their lifetime financial wellbeing.

Trust is at an all time low.

Average everyday people are frustrated and fearful of the future.

The result is a crippling lack of financial literacy that cuts across demographics, business sectors, and education levels. It’s this lack of financial literacy that is going to trigger the biggest problem of our generation.

Only 1 in 10 Americans will have enough money to meet their basic requirements after they stop working.

This is unacceptable to us.

We believe strongly that everyone has to be involved in this effort to redefine our financial futures. Which is why we include all of our stakeholders—from financial providers to plan sponsors, from financial advisors to academics and educators.

NARPP leverages and benefits each stakeholder so that,

1. Financial institutions are able to increase participation levels and connect with 401k participants in a meaningful way that builds brand equity, trust, and loyalty.

2. Plan sponsors are able to educate and empower employees to save sooner, save more, and save smarter.

3. Financial advisors are able to provide innovative educational tools that enrich their services and help them be better advisors.

4. Participants have usable, engaging information and tools that help them make better choices and that put them in control of their financial futures.

What NARPP brings to the table is transparency, innovation, and a whole-systems approach that engages every stakeholder. So that we can do the right thing.


We believe that everyone should be able to retire with dignity.

Join us.


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